THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 ALLIANCE Membership Benefits

DRIVE FOR 200,000 ALLIANCE Members enjoy the following special benefits:

  1. Discounts:
    10% (or greater) discounts (“Member Discounts”) off the regular or list price of any product or service (except promotionally-priced oil changes and batteries) at the sponsoring Merlin shop.

  2. Rewards:
    a. $5 credit on card upon activation.
    b. Points (“Member Rewards”) having a value equal to 4% of the pretax amount of all purchases made by the Member at the sponsoring Merlin shop will accumulate in the Member’s Going Farther Folder. Member Rewards are redeemable only at the sponsoring Merlin shop for:

    i. Continental or General brand tires, or
    ii. Any major DRIVE FOR 200,000 Mileage Point Maintenance Package that is designated for 24,000 miles or higher and that has a minimum retail value exceeding $425.

  3. Other Promotions:
    Other promotions as determined by Merlin from time to time.

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