Become a Member of THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 ALLIANCE

Would you like to be rewarded for every dollar you spend on car repair & maintenance?

The DRIVE FOR 200,000 ALLIANCE is a community of people who recognize the benefits of Going Farther.

Join an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who focus on living a better life today, avoiding car payments before they are truly necessary, and maximizing the money they save for purposes that are far more important.

Receive a minimum 10% discount on most purchases PLUS be rewarded for your everyday purchases, and greatly reduce or
even eliminate tire replacement and other vehicle maintenance expenses.

To join, please visit a participating Merlin shop.

Upon purchasing your membership at a Merlin shop, you will receive a membership card and $25.00 credit placed into your account. You will also receive a welcome email within 1-3 business days which will include instructions on how to log into your
ALLIANCE account and view your rewards balance.